Richard Bradley

Date of Service!


August 1965 —September 1996
Colonel Richard Bradley. USAF


Assignments,/locations: Administrative Officer, Dyess AFB., Texas; Pilot training, Reese AFB, Texas; Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) Administrative Officer, Chicago IL; AFOSI, Special Agent, Minneapolis, MN; AFOSI, Special Agent Washington DC; AFOSI, District Commander, Offutt AM. NE; AFOSI District Commander, Norton AFB, CA; AFOSI Regional Commanders Hickarrt AM, HI


Military specialty; Administrative Office.
AFOSI Special Agent Positions held:
AFOSI Special Agent. AFOSI Commander


 Awards received: Legion of Merit


Narrative: I started as a Second Lieutenant as an Administrative Officer in SAAC. I then tried to be jet pilot but during the training I realized a person could die doing this and I lost my edge_ I then spent a year as an Administrative Office for AFOSI at the District Headquarters In Chicago. After that I converted to a Special Agent and was assigned as the District Commander in Minneapolis, MN. In an effort not to move as offer, as the rniiltary required, I left active duty one day and became a reservist the next day- As a reservist I was on the street chasing bad guys for the next twenty years. Then I got a letter from AFOSI advising me that I no longer needed to maintain proficiency with my hand weapon because as a commander I would no longer be chasing bad guys, but supervising other special agents_ My rank has benefits but It took me out of being that very Special Agent and gave me the new title of Colonel


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