Castle Park Project

The original Castle Park was constructed 22 years ago and wore out to the point that it became unsafe.  Kristey Williams was the one that made the first Castle Park possible and 22 years later, raised more than $450,000 to build the second.  What an amazing woman! 


The new park was constructed and completed in 10 days by Augusta volunteers.  Approximately, 1500-2000 Augustans volunteered to erect this great park.  A GREAT community effort was put together by Kristey and her helpers!  Just Imagine the work that went into organizing and fundraising efforts!  Great work Kristey and Helpers!!!

I have been fortunate to be a small part of both constructions of these two parks.


Bring your grandchildren, great grandchildren and anyonw else that would like to experience the excitement of this great park this summer.  Also, don't forget our other great play park in Augusta which is bringing a lot of out-of-towners to Augusta.

Dalton Palmer Memorial Play Park

Yes, I am probably partial to this park for some reason.


I just wanted you guys to know, your hometown is well and alive.




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