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The class of 1962 expresses our sympathy to Kent Morrison in the loss of his mother, Kay Morrison.  obit


Augusta restaurant closes after 49 years of business

One of Kansas' most popular places is shutting down after almost 50 years in business. The cooks at Miller's Five Drive In, flipped the last burgers and swirled the last ice-cream cones.


For the last 49 years, workers at Miller's Five Drive in have dressed many a burger. But Sunday was their last. Miller's Five is closed for business but not for the reason most would think.


"I had chemo Thursday and I just decided I was done," said owner Judy Miller.


Miller has liver and lung cancer. She opened Miller's when she was 18-years- old. At 66 she says, she just can't do it any longer.


"It's been a good run, I don't regret nothing. I just regret that I can't carry on any longer because I have some great customers," she said.


For the last few days, customers have been dropping by to get a final taste. Ice cream seems to be one of the favorites. "I love vanilla, I always get vanilla," said Tarryn Morton.


"Probably the malts because they're really yummy, homemade, old-fashioned and my granddaughter, this will be her first so it will be special for her today," said Lisa Wilt.


Miller hopes she can pass some of those secrets on to the next owner. "I hope someone will buy it, while I can still help them the tradition," said Miller.


And after almost 50 years of fighting to keep her business running, Miller says she's ready to fight for herself. "I've outlasted everything that's come to town," she said laughing.


Miller's Five Drive In is the second oldest restaurant in Augusta, right behind Dairy Queen.



Classmates comments:


What a bummer. My family is all gone from Augusta and now my favorite chilli burger is no longer available. There's no reason to come back to Augusta.


Sad, Sad day. Lu Anne Thompson Kriebs




Darn, wish I was close enough to get just one more Hickory Burger! Prayers are with Judy


Bob Firebaugh




Wish we could stop by. When we were there for the Reunion last fall we went there and ate a Hickory Burger. Betty and Lloyd Dotson




Just one more Hickory Burger please. (I realize they had to stop serving Hickory Burgers, but I still would like one)


Bill Johnson




When we were in school, it was the Taste Freeze and my parents, Jake and Reba Palmer owned and operated it.  They sold to the Millers in 1964.  It goes way back to me!


Tom Palmer

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