Joe 11-13-1943 to 11-13-2020

Our Friend, Our Classmate, Joe Eldringhoff passed from this world on his 77th birthday. Joe was a special friend of to me, not just our classmate.  We grew up on the same street, moved to the same neighborhood, twice during our adult lives, his sons being my son's best friends, one of few that visited Peggy and me in Beaumont, Texas when we lived there.  Yes Joe, you were special to my family and me.


We started BCJC together after graduation from AHS.  We rode together, which was probably a mistake, since we ended up playing pool and having a few cool ones instead of attending classes at Jr. college.  He and Regi, Peg and I socialized regularly during our young parent-hood. 


Joe and Regi experienced tragedy losing Shawn, their oldest son, at age 19 in a construction accident while working for L.A. Knebler.  This changed Joe and Regi forever as many of us can relate.  Our son Troy and Shawn were almost the same age and were tight as friends.  Shane, being quite a bit younger, ironically became one of Troy's best friend later on in life.  They work together at Global Parts today.


I could tell many stories about my friendship with Joe, and sure many of you reading this can do the same.  Bottom line:  We will miss you dear friend and I am sure that Shawn awaits you at those Pearly Gates and all is well with you!!



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