Susanna K. Hutcheson Editorial

Susanna is an award winning journalist and former newspaper publisher and owner.

Also, a classmate of ours, the Class of 62.


Now here's what's worrying me a great deal: And I'm not writing comedy now. I'm serious, but I know it may sound like I'm making it all up. I can't hardly believe it myself.

We have a president and vice president who have brains that do not function. At all. Ever. We have a White House, the "People's House," that has become a drug haven, with bags of weed and coke just lying around on the floor. We have a military of men who think they are women or, something on that order. I sort of get confused on this point. But no man who is what we think of as a man, will join. Moreover, we have no weapons and no ammo if we did have them. But the president does not know where the war is or what city he is in, and the vice president says we need to get rid of the population, when she is supposed to say get rid of pollution. I pray the Greatest Generation is not looking down on us, because I would be too embarrassed to face them. And ashamed. What better time for Russia, China and North Korea to wipe us off the planet than now? We are the land of pussies, addicts and super dumb, idiotic morons. Thanks for nothing, Kumbaya generation. You got us "Blowin' in the Wind." All your years of pot smoking and the summer of love have really done a job on us. Fifty sexes, no brains, no defense. God help us. The land of idiots desperately needs, divine intervention now! Because now, some men want to be dogs. Trans dogs. If I adopt a dog, will I be getting a dog or a man? And if you get a man, will you get a woman? And what is a man? What will be lying on the floor beside me? I am so confused. America has fallen so far, thanks to the left, that you would have to be in a large hole to see up. We have hit rock bottom and brought our own shovels. Everyone is ready to dig deeper into the abyss. Perhaps I am just dreaming all this. Maybe I've died and gone to hell. This can't be happening.


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