Welcome to our new section of our website.  Being a class of many veterans, most serving in Viet Nam, their stories needs publicized and each veteran needs full recognition for defending the rest of us during these troublesome times of our country.  We have been blessed to be associated and grow up with these heroes.


Several months ago, I asked Jim Talley to take on this project which he agreed to.  He needs each veteran in our class to submit information and pictures to him so he might finish this project.  He has submitted a draft of himself and his military resume for you veterans to format from.


Each one of our military classmates have been given a section to tell their story.  I would like to see all pages full and complete before our next reunion.  Please join the effort to help accomplish this goal.

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Our Heroes from our class:



Classmates of 1962 in Military

Stan Adams:  Lieutenant, Ordinance Corps, Corps of Engineers

Fred Batdorf:  U.S. Marine Corps (1961-1966), U.S. Army (1967-1975)

Larry Benton:  U.S. Army


Stanley Benton: U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force (1961-1989)


Keith Beshirs:  U.S. Air Force, 55th Organizational Maintenance Squardon

Bob Butler:  U.S. Marine Corps


Steven Carson:  U.S. Army


Lonnie Coots:  U.S. Marine Corps, Helicopter Pilot (1979-1996)


Stan Cyphers:  U.S. Army


Mason Cummings Air Force 1963-1967


David K. Corbin:  U.S. Air Force


David R. Corbin:  Kansas National Guard (1963-1969)


Bill Daigh:  U.S. Navy, (1965-1967)


Jim DeWitt:  U.S. Navy, 1963-1965)  served on aircraft carrier Midway


Gerald Goucher:  U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot


Duane Harms:  U.S. Navy (1966-1968)



Mike Howerter:  U.S. Air Force (Intelligence Analyt)


Don Johnson:  U.S. Marines 1962 - 1968 tour of duty in Viet Nam


Cecil Johnston:  U.S. Army


Bob Kaufman:  U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot


Gary Keely: 


Richard LaFevre:  U.S. Marines


Michael Mahaffey:  U.S. Air Force


Gary Marshall:  U.S. Marines Naval Flight Officer Helicopter Pilot (1968-1972)


Jesse Moon:  U.S. Air Force


Lloyd Nelson:  U.S. Navy (Certified Hazardous Waste Management Engineer)


Ron Penland:  U.S. Marines, Naval Flight Officer, (1967-1975)  Helicopter Pilot


Curtis Roby:  U,S. Army


Charles Rummell:  U.S. Air Force ( 1969-1993)  pilot and flight instructor


Jim Talley:  U.S. Army, Lieutennat Colonel (1969-1989) (1990)  Operation Desert Storm


Victor Thomison:  U.S. Army


Here is what Jim wrote as he forwarded his story to me:


I finally got around to putting this draft together as a proposed example for input by our classmate veterans. I had to search my attic for some old pictures and found a few and found one could go to Wal-Mart and have photos put on a disc. It cost $3.00 to do it. Any suggestions on the draft or other information topics that should be deleted or added? Duane, perhaps you could come up with a draft too to send out with the information and photo request. I don’t know how to put the request on the AHS62 website and also am concerned about getting information on any deceased veteran. I know Lynn Goucher had a pretty daring time flying helicopters but don’t know who to contact to get his information. Let me know what you think.

Jim. t


Forward your info to Jim at:  talley5308@twinvalley.net


or Tom Palmer @tpalmer355@aol.com


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