60th Reunion 2022  1962-2022

September 16th and 17th were nights to remember for the Class of 1962 of Augusta, Kansas.  On Friday night we gathered at the Frisco Depot in Augusta for a social "Meet and Greet."  Thanks to Bill and Lynda Johnson for all of their hard work and planning to make this a special event.  Lynda cooked and prepared all the food and hors d oeuvres, fabricated all the beautiful table settings and arranged all of this in a very beautiful environment within the depot.  It was an evening of reminiscing and enjoying our 60 year classmates.  We had 30 classmates and 17 spouses/or friends attend this 2+ hour event.

Thanks to each one of you;  first of all, wanting to be together with your old friends, and also for taking the time and trouble to attend.  I hope it was worth while for everyone.


Read about the night of the 17th below:


Saturday night was spend at David and Betty Corbin's, Fulton Valley Farms near Towanda, Kansas.  David, of course is a classmate of ours.  We owe David and Betty many thanks for their hospitality and hard work putting on this event for us.  Betty worked along the side of Diana Lawson and others to make this a special occassion.  Thanks to you girls for a perfect evening.   The evening was filled with conversation and laughter.


Mike Howerter was our "Master of Ceremony" and everyone really enjoyed his natural wit.  Our theme for this reunion was "60 Years Later" and the emphasis was on our passed classmates, whom were individually named and recognized.  Louise Simpson Reimer spent lots of time forming a poster with each picture and date they passed.  On our class calendars which we auctioned 15, the deceased were also recognized on the day and month they passed.  Thanks to Mike and Louise for their participation.


The catered food was exceptional and very delicious. Thanks Betty for your great choice of caterers!


Thanks for all that participated in the Silent Auction and furnishing items to auction.  The class made approximately $800.00 on these items.  Many were very generous and we appreciate it very much.  This will allow us to continue forward for special events and more reunions!  Thanks everybody!


A special Thanks go out to Roger Brown, husband to Betty Burdorff Brown, for all the wonderful pictures he is willing to share with us.  These will be coming in the near future and I will make them down loadable for your printing purposes.  I'm not sure if Roger considers himself a professional photographer, but I do!  His pictures from the past proves to me that he is much better than average, so I rate him as a pro.  Thank you so much Roger!


I want to thank all the group from our "Just Lunch" group that planned and helped with these two important events.  It wouldn't have been possible without the help of Diana Lawson, Connie Turner, Karen Moore, Francis Healy, Jim and Sandy DeWitt, Bill and Lynda Johnson, Harold and Linda Ralston, Mike and Judy Cypers, Bob Butler, David and Betty  Corbin, and Mike and Dori Howerter.  Mike Cyphers had a huge part in data basing the class, name tags and designing and printing the Programs for Saturday evening.  Thanks Mike!!!  Bob Butler is one of our Treasurer, and keeps track of money in and out of our class fund.  Thanks Bob!  Diana Lawson scheduled and headed up all the committee meetings and followed through to ensure closure.  Thanks Diana for all your time and committment to these events.


It's a new day and a new horizon ahead of us.  We don't know what 5 or 10 years will be like to our class.  Yes, we will have less and less classmates as we approach an older age, that's for sure.  However, we must be positive and continue to live our lives and plan for another reunion 5 years from now.  We need new blood and new ideas.  I hope there is one, or more out there that would be willing to take hold of the reins and plan our 65th?


I will continue with our website and help communicate as needed when I am asked.  However, that's all I will do.  I have been a part of planning for many reunions and it's time for a change.  So please STEP UP!!!


2 things I found out during this weekend were:  At our age, most people go to bed early and some don't know how to get to this website.  I will try to make it easy for anyone to get to this site, but these things you have to know to get to it.  What is a browser and what is a link?  Yes, there are some that don't know this.  Anyway, I will do my best trying to teach anyone that wants help.





Corbins address is 5079 SW Fulton Road, Towanda, Kansas 67144


From Augusta, you need to know a few things about getting to David and Betty Corbin on Saturday night.  North Ohio street is under construction and traffic to the north has to be detoured.  Choices to go north are these.  Go to gravel dike road, first road west of Walmart and turn north and go to 21st (70th) and either turn right, back to Ohio street and go north to 50th and turn left to Corbins, or when you get to 21st (70th) from dike road, turn left and go a small distance to Fulton Valley Road and continue to Corbins.


From Wichita or Andover, go to Santa Fe Lake Road and go to 21st (70th) and go east to Fulton Valley Road, or Ohio Street to 50th, and back west to Corbins.

12 Days Away From 60th

Our 60th reunion is almost here.  For our "Just Lunch" folks we will have our Sept. lunch at the Corbins on the 14th in preparation for the evening of the 17th.  You will need to bring a sack lunch, or a Macdonalds, or just something to eat.  We will have a working "Just Lunch."   Let's have a good turnout and get this stuff done for all of our guest that we will see on that Saturday night.  Let's meet at the normal time of 11:30 AM. 


Most have paid and some still haven't.  Please send your $30ea. to Diana ASAP and have that out of the way.  We are excited to host and see all of you guys coming to attend which is almost here.  Have a safe travel and can't wait to visit with you.


Lloyd and Betty Dotson will donate beautiful handmade trays that Lloyd made. Thanks Lloyd and Betty.


If you have any last minute questions feel free to contact me.




Tom Palmer



You guys are doing great.  To date, we have 38 paid meals for Saturday night.  Those that still need to pay, please send money to Diana at below address.  Thanks, 


Saturday night is the only cost for us.  The meals will be $30.00 a person. You can send your check to:


Diana Lawson

13174 SW Purity Springs Rd.

Augusta, Kansas  67010


Make checks payable to Class of 1962


It is important to send your money to Diana, so we can pay for the food.


If you would like a sneek preview of the 2023 calendars which will be in our silent auction, go to this link:   https://acrobat.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:09c39ec5-e920-3a29-b1dc-d48cd18da550

There are 15 calendars printed on the best double sided paper on the market.  Most of the pictures are of the highest quality.  Not cheap to make!  The highest 15 bids willl be awarded a calendar.

Those of you that have silent auction items, please send me a description along with pictures (would be nice) so we can advertise your gifts.  We need more items to auction.  It doesn't have to be anything connected to our AHS days.   It can be a fishing equipment

basket, a box of get well cards, anything that will draw people's attention and something people can use. 

Hotel Links








El Dorado



 Itinerary for 60th Reunion

September 16


4:30 - 5:00 PM  Arrive

Name Tags, visit, Games, Bid on Silent Auction etc.

Drinks and snacks availabe, DD Park next door with booths available and Market Place across street

Ends at 7 PM.


September 17


4:30 - 5:00 PM

Arriving and Visiting  Class Pictures at 5 PM.

Check out and bid on Silent Auction Items


6:00 PM Dinner

Roast, Italian, Mexican Chef's Choice and Dessert*


7:30 PM  Mike Howerter (MC)

Welcome to all

Remembering our deceased classmates

Announcing our Silent Auction Winners and collection for items won

Class Pictures


8:30 - 9:30 PM or later ( if you want to stay later, that's fine as long as we are out by 11 PM)

visiting and listening (dance if you want) to music from our time in AHS


9:30 PM

Official farewell and volunteers for 65th reunion planning



*Waiting to hear $25-30 for meal.


I need to make a slight correction of what I posted before about the drinks availability and Saturday night.  We will furnish beer, you can bring your favorite wine, but hard liquor is not allowed in the Corbin's facilities due to their liquor license issued.  Your hard liquor must remain in your vehicle if you bring it.


Form for attending and silent auction items


Committee Meeting March 23

Diana Lawson called a committee meeting last Wednesday, March 23 at the Los Cocus

resturant in Andover.  Those in attendance were:  Diana, Mike Cyphers, David Corbin, Lynda and Bill Johnson.


The main issue was to discuss the food menu for our Saturday night dinner on Sept. 17, at Fulton Valley Ranch.  It was decided to have a Tapas type dinner which includes various food stations.  Available will be Mexican, American, Italian and gluten free stations.  As you can see, the variety should satisfy all of us.


Bill and Lynda Johnson will supply the food and decorations for Friday night at the Depot.


Mike Cyphers will be sending postcards to all of you for a hard copy reminder and count.

Mike will also collect the money for Saturday night dinner.  Mike will provide name tags for all of us too!


The Corbins will furnish the drinks for Saturday evening.  Beer, Ice Tea and Water will be available.  If you want to bring your favorite wine, or hard liquor, have at it.


Mike Howerter has accepted my invitation for Master of Ceremony.


It is also, my hope that Betty Brown will take care of the "Silent Auction"  what about that Betty?  We would also, hope that Roger will continue with the great pictures, as in the past?


Some of the items on the Agenda tab to the left is still under conversation and not set in stone yet.  There are several things that we will discuss at our next "Just Lunch."


Here are some things you need to do now, or soon.  Fill out the form

Submit it after updating.  On this form you will tell us if you are coming or not.  Very important to do this.  Under history, just update the past several yrs. and forget about all the other stuff if you want to.  We have most of your info except the last 5 years.  Make it as easy as possible for yourself and me. 


I want to thank Diana and all the commitee members for their hard work.  Thanks to the Corbins for everything they are offering and doing.  Thanks to the rest of you guys wanting and willing to help in this milestone celebration.


It will be a good time for all of us and I am looking forward seeing you all again.














Casual and Casual

Yes.  This will be a casual event, program and dress!  It's meant to bring classmates together for visiting and relaxation.  About the only interference and interruptions will be a short welcome and agenda schedule.  Also, our deceased classmates will be named and recognized.  Our auction will be toward the end of the evening with interruption.  The rest of the evening will be spent visiting and enjoying each other.  Music from our time will be available and dancing will be up to you.


If you would like your picture, or family picture on our class calendar which will be part of our auction in September, please send to me ASAP.  I am working on a "60 Year Later"

calendar which will be auctioned.  There will be several for auction.  I haven't decided how many.  Depends on the interest.  Each deceased classmate will be recognized on the day of the month they passed from our world.  This will keep their memory alive by seeing these important dates by day and month.


Below I have listed information concerning up and coming 60th reunion.  I will be adding to this page as we get closer to our reunion.  We do have dates listed, so you can start making plans to attend and get hotel reservations.  It will be a good idea to get early reservations, since there will be several class reunions at this time of the year.


Dates for reunion:  Septemeber 16th and 17th, 2022 (Friday and Saturday nights)

Place:  Fulton Valley Farms, Towanda, KS  David and Betty Corbin"

          Frisco Depot, state street Augusta, KS


Friday night will be at Frisco Depot:  Meet and Greet classmates.  beverages and snacks will be available.  This will last for a couple of hours.  We will post time at a later date.


Saturday night will be at Fulton Valley Farms: 

This will be a casual event with music and mostly visiting with one another.  We will take the time out to remember our deceased classmates from start to now.


The main event will be our continued auction of any articles you might have and would like to auction off.  All proceeds will go to our class fund as always.  This is a very important event which keeps operating money in our class fund.  At the present, we have a balance approximately $1700.00.


We will announce the food menu later this year and the cost for each one.  We would like to offer a buffet type menu with several various entrees to satisfy the majority.


If you have any questions, or inputs you need to contact us right-of-way, cause this is falling together rather fast.  Committee people are listed below.


Friday evening event:  Louise Reimer, Bill Johnson and Tom Palmer

Saturday evening event:   Diana Lawson, David Corbin and Tom Palmer



To update your bio and to let us know you are planning to attend, go here









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