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[posted March 13, 2016]


Great news that Buck is doing really good following major surgery.  He will remain in Oklahoma for several weeks during his recovery.  Send him a message of encouragement during this boring and lonely time.  Duane has emailed the necessary information.


We are also glad that Betty Dotson is getting back to normal after a week of hospital visits as a patient.  

[posted June 11, 2015]

Hi AHS Class members of ‘62’


Yesterday, June 9th, was “Just Lunch” for our class at the Augusta Pizza Hut. Billy Johnson reports the following:


Had a nice meeting. In attendance were Karen Moore, Trudy Jacobson, Carmen Stueven Laflin, Connie Turner and Peggy Palmer. Don Johnson, Mike Cyphers, Tom Palmer, Mike Howerter, David Phillips, Buck Leedom. Lloyd Nelson stopped in briefly to say high. He was unable to stay for dinner. My niece Cathy Johnson stopped in briefly to say hi.


Carmen Stueven Laflin reported that she was overwhelmed with the card shower. She shared with us that she rec'd around 25 cards from class members. She cherishes the cards and the prayers. She is doing Chemo in battle with her cancer and will go in on the 25th of June for test to see if chemo is helping. She asks for prayers for a good report. If you would like to send a card to Carmen here is her address: Carmen’s address is: 3020 Scott Ct., Augusta, KS 67010


Jim Dewitt was missed for the first time since we started meeting. Joe Elderinghof, Harold Ralston, Ruth Ann Tipton and Diane Perkins, were missed plus others who have attended previously.


Buck Leedom is in poor health and although he would poo poo the idea, we might send him cards of encouragement. Here is his address:


Gary Leedom, 2034 Harvest Ridge Ct., Andover, KS 67002


Lloyd Dotson is recovering from a knee replacement surgery that was on May 19th in Beaumont, Texas. If you wish you can send cards to encourage recovery and the therapy process at this address: 250 Beech Drive, Lumberton, Tx 77656-9272. I am sure that Betty will be encouraged as well.


Please Note this change for July….


For the next “Just Lunch” it was suggested to meet at the Holiday Bowl in Augusta. However the Holiday Bowl is not open on Tuesdays…so it was suggested to change the meeting to Wednesday for the month of July. That puts the next “Just Lunch” on July 15th at noon. (you are correct…this is the 3rd Wednesday of the month). Mark this date on your calendar for July and note the change of location. Reservations have been made through the owner, Austin Ottoway, for the 15th at noon, they will even have an extra server to accommodate our class. The food is great at the Holiday Bowl. Please note at this point this change is for July only…we will let you know about August later. The Pizza Hut will be informed of this July change.


School is out for the kids all around us….so I guess that means it is summer…however my weather person…says summer starts later in June. In case you are wondering…even here in Minnesota…we think it is summer…because we have had our 1st 90 degree weather. Enjoy this time…Duane


Class of 1962, please reserve September 22 and 23, 2017 for our 55th Class reunion.


From Louise Simpson Reimer [posted April 15, 2015]


Does anyone remember that i graduated with the class of 62 in Augusta, Kansas? I am trying to get a driver's license in Peru, and one requirement is a high school diploma or similar proof of education. I contacted the AHS office, and was told by the registrar that i was not in the Class of 62 file !!!! I do remember graduating and doing lots of other things with all my dear AHS friends. Such a curiosity!! I'm not completely at a loss as my son was able to find my graduate degree from Wichita State University. I hope i won't have to have my high school record for something else. it's rather funny....but not.'

It is Monday...but we we still had a wonderful luncheon... The folks in the shade look great!


The photo of Nikki with the sign is a reminder that Nikki is older than two months...therefore a "cougar."

Great Picture and great girls

Not sure who exactly took this photo. Frank and Roger were acting like paparazzi!


Roger and I had the privilege of lunch at the Tipton home in Augusta last week.


When I shared the photo with Kent, he suggested I share it with the two of you, saying none of us looked older than 40. That was very kind…


Anyway, we enjoyed a brief sort of mini reunion (52 years after graduation?!) with lots of conversation.




You might note that Diane made a special trip from KC to have lunch with these girls!


Merry Christmas and Happy 2014 to all my classmates.  It has been a good year for some, and not-so-good for some.  We lost a classmate, and classmates have lost loved ones.  I'm sure some have gained family size with a new born, grandchild or great grandchild.   So, as any year 2013 has had mixed emotions for many of us.


Regardless of what kind of year we have had, we need to remember the good and the joy of our 70 years of being alive.  Look around you to those who love you and being a part of your life.  Think about why we are all here on this earth and what we have to look forward to.  Let's keep each other in our prayers and thoughts in the coming year and keep in touch.




Tell us about yourself, or something special you would like to share.


From Duane Harms (posted Sept. 21, 2013)


Class of 1962, please reserve September 22 and 23, 2017 for our 55th Class reunion. This is 4 years away, since this is such an early notice you will have time to make plans to be present for this special celebration. At this point your biggest challenge is to find a 2017 calendar to post this event. The dates of 22 and 23 are a Friday and Saturday. Write this down…now…thanks.


More details will be coming in the days and years to come. If you would like to help with this reunion please let me know. We still need ideas for the Friday evening place and Saturday day time activities. When we get closer to our reunion, we will need people to share in ways to make each event special for all who attend.


One major assignment we all need to consider between now and our 55th reunion…is to stay healthy so we can have the privilege of seeing each other. Please write down this date…September 22 and 23, 2017. Perhaps we have great memories…but writing this date down will really make our memory the best.






Post Reunion Comments


Feel free to comment and/or ask questions about our reunion.  The comment form is below.


From Betty Burdorff Brown November 25, 2012


Duane and Tommy (Actually it was Trudy)


Thank you for arranging a private viewing at our special historic theatre in Augusta, as a part of our class reunion.


Several of us have had some on-going discussions about how important volunteerism is to us as individuals and how this desire is rooted, perhaps, in our home town experiences. It is interesting to read, and I quote, “ …children who participate regularly in the ARTS are 3 times more likely to be elected to class office, 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, and more likely to perform community service nearly twice as often as their peers.” This begs the question - did going to the movies while growing up possibly have been part of the stimulus for our current volunteerism?


It seems to me that sharing the opportunity with our classmates to easily make a donation might make sense.


Pass this along if you agree.


Best regards,


Bob Firebaugh says:


Tommy and the rest of the reunion committee --> Thanks for a job well done!
It was a very enjoyable time to re-experience our interconnected lives.
Thanks to all who were able to be present and for those who could not make it -- I missed you. Thanks again for all the hard work and planning that went to making this event a memorable one. /s/Bob Firebaugh

Kent Morrison says:


I agree with Firebaugh completely. Very good time, and kudos to the committee. So glad to see some “new” people involved, like Duane.


And what terrific weather, to boot. Beats August all to hell.


I managed to get away without a disc. If I sent the $10 and a little more for postage (to ????), might I remedy the error?

Bill Johnson says:


Went to my 50th high school reunion this past week end. Starting on Wednesday we had four days of renewing old friendships. Kudos to Tom Palmer and his helpers for planning this great event. I don't know how it could have been better. See you guys again in five years if not sooner. The only downer was the football game. I think they could have used some of us in the game. :)

Betty Bishop Dotson says:


Great reunion. Thank you to all the ones who planned it.

Marcia Corbin Bevins says:


We had a great time and I want to thank Tommy and Trudy as well as the rest of the committee for all the work they did making everything happen! Many Thanks!!!

Tom Palmer says:


I always enjoy the entertainment of Kris and the band at the Prairie Rose. Kris is very talented and a great young Man! Bill and Lynda did a great job raising him.

Nancy Wheeler Welch says:


It was great seeing so many of you at the reunion. We have certainly spread
far and wide and done many things in these last fifty years. (I still can't
believe that!) It was a wonderful reunion and I know how much work went into planning it. A special thank you to Tommy, Trudy, Jill, Diane, Duane, Mike,
and anyone else that I may have forgotten.

Verna Deane Williams Kriner says:


Hi to all. Thanks to the committee members for a great job. I enjoyed seeing everyone and hope to see everyone in another 5. All of you take care. 50 years sure did pass by quickly.

Lu Anne and Gene Kriebs says:


Thanks to Tommy, Trudy, and the rest of the committee who combined their
talents and gave us a very special 50th class reunion. Gene and I did most
of the activities and enjoyed every one. We have been looking for a way to
get a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright house for many years.
I'm sure glad that Bill Johnson's son takes after his mother. That was a
delightful show and delicious dinner.
Thanks Ron Penland for the t-shirts. It was fun setting together at the
football game looking all alike. Betty is a keeper.
It was good to see Randy, Donnie and Betty and Lloyd.
Lloyd Nelson our prayers are with you and may you continue to get better.


Duane I'm sorry I got you into something you many not want to do. But you
can blame Penland for doing it to me. It's a lot of work but when its
finally over it is worth it.


Best Wishes from Omaha - Lu Anne and Gene Kriebs



'It has been two weeks since our 50th class reunion...and the thoughts continue on. Wow, it was a great time seeing 50 of our classmates.


Thank you Tommy for leading the team for making all this possible. I am enjoying drinking from the special mug made just for our class. Don the DVD is a keeper, I hope classmembers who were not present will order one of these.


Yes, even knowing that I am leading the 55th reunion...I am looking forward to seeing everyone again.


The class of 1962 is a special one!'

Betty Burdorff Brown says:


I would like to add my note to the chorus of messages already written.
Being with all of our "old" friends at the September 50th class reunion was

Roger and I both had a wonderful time. We really appreciated all the
creative planning and organization these four, full days required. Thank
you to all the members of the talented committee, to Ron Penland for
supplying game day T-shirts, and to all those who took time from busy
schedules to attend the events. Even though some classmates are retired,
this is not a "retiring" group of individuals. Truly the class motto is
being lived out:

"Not for ourselves but for the world"

Best regards to a special group of individuals - see you in another five
years, if not before!!

Betty Burdorff Brown

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