More on Horton Flaming from Louise

Hello Friends of Horton,

I'm writing to let you know that Horton passed away on Monday, 15 October. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer a couple of months ago. He was doing reasonably well. But on Monday he unexpectedly passed away during his afternoon nap. The funeral will be Monday, November 5, 11:00 am at Bethel College Mennonite Church in North Newton KS. Internment will be the next day in Deer Creek OK. In keeping with Dad's life long commitment to education and helping students the memorial will be the Wicke -Flaming Scholarship at Bethel College. Mom and Dad met at Bethel and since moving to North Newton (3 years ago) have enjoyed reconnecting with the school. ( ). Mom will continue to reside in North Newton.

I apologize if you are receiving this twice. I just went through dad's email address book and added most of who was in there. In some cases, there seemed to be multiple email addresses for the same person.

Hope you are doing well.

Kevan Flaming (oldest son, living in Iowa).

Horton Flaming Passes:  A message from Louise Reimer


Louise asked that this sad information be shared. I know you both are maintaining a group message center for our class, so I will trust you to pass on the news about Mr. Flaming.

Thank you


Dear Betty,

I just received this in my e-mail and thought the class of 62 would like to hear about it. I don’t have a “group” address for them, so would you please pass it on? When I was home last April, I stopped to see Horton and Elsie in their apartment at the care facility in North Newton. My aunt lives in the same facility as they live, but she is on a higher care level. Anyway, I found Mr. Flaming to be mostly bedridden, in a hospital-type bed, although he talked of doing physical therapy during the day. He was alert and talkative. Elsie said he slept quite a bit. I didn’t know about the cancer. I had been sending them the newsletter, so they had kept with me, and they were DELIGHTED to see me. He said, this has been the highlight of our day, in fact, our week.

As a matter of fact, he has been on my mind since the class reunion, and I regretted not telling you about him and his situation. Of course, if someone could have gone to see him while back home, that would have been great. Now I just regret that I didn’t think of it before everyone gathered. Horton and Elsie seemed to be very happy where they were, although when a person can’t get out much, life is lived on a different plane. Please pass this information on.

Blessings dear friend,


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