Road Trip

Key Largo sunset


You know, as we all are, or shortly will be 70 years old, my advice is to GO and EXPERIENCE something you want to see and haven't!  That's something Peg and I have done this year already and plans are for lots more in the future. 


We have been fortunate and traveled the world, but there are still lots of places we want to see that we haven't.  A lot of those places are in our backyard (as so to speak.)  There is a motivation speech I once heard;  "Why search for gold the world over, when it's in your own backyard?  We are very fortunate to be Americans for there is a bunch of gold in our backyards.


We had been to Florida several times, but never down and up and way down to the Keys.  This trip we traveled down the east coastline to the Keys and back up the Gulf coast.  It was a great and beautiful trip which I would highly recommend if you haven't done so!  From Augusta and back we took only 14 days out of the month.



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