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April 2016 "Just Lunch"


We had a great group and a real good time at our combine "Just Lunch" today, Wednesday April 13.  Read more about it and see a few pictures on facebook

[update and more info on combine luncheon April 15, post date]

Hi AHS Class of 1962,

From Duane Harms.

Perhaps you are wondering who all attended April’s “It’s Just Lunch” last Wednesday where both the class of 63’ and 62’ were represented. Well, I am glad you asked, the list is below. Thanks to Janell Hutter from the class of 63’ we have a list. I appreciate Bill Johnson sending me Janell’s list. Click on this link to view pictures of this event…that is three pictures of our class that attended. This link goes to a Facebook page…so I hope all can see it even if you are not on Facebook.


Plans for the May 11th BBQ is coming along. You can see who all has turned in their reservations and even what they are going to bring by clicking on this link: 


If you would like to RSVP click on this link so that you can fill out a form and register: RSVP form


The picnic details are there plus on this site: http://ahsclass62.com/Picnic May 2016


Have a great weekend,


Duane Harms


Class of 63’


Linda (Gould) Ralston


Jane (Fairbanks) Schild


David Dennett


Mike and Shirley Scott


Peggy (Hime) Palmer


John and Donna Hoefgen


Rosemary (Elliott) Reynolds


Janell Hutter


Sherry (Pickard) Kincaid


Judy ( Martin) Haynes


Carol Harness


Karen (Simpson) Fisher


“Butch” James Chappell


Terry Boren


Class of 62’


Lloyd Nelson


David R. Corbin


Joe Eldringhoff


Ruth (Forpahl) Tipton


Mike and Dori Howerter


Bill Johnson


Karen (Lackey) Moore


Diane (Perkins) Wuthnow


Marvin Schild


Connie (Lohrey) Turner


Trudy (Wentz) Jacobson


Fred Batdorf


Jim and Sandra Dewitt


Don Johnson


Tom Palmer


Bob Butler


Mike Cyphers



July "Just Lunch" New place, old memories!

We met at our bowling alley, yes the same bowling alley we grew up with. Build in 1954 by Simon Cohen: It was a meeting place, "hang out," and lots of fun for many of us growing up. I'm sure many of you can tell stories about Holiday Bowl. If you have special memories you would like to share, please do so.

As you can see, we had a great turnout and a good visit with our classmates. Diane Seitz Lawson was our "newcomer of the month" Thanks for coming Diane.


Some notes to share:

Diane Wuthnow made the trip from Olathe on her way to New Mexico for two weeks.


Mike Howerter just returned from a Canadian fishing trip and shared pics and his fun experience with us. He and Dori are also preparing to travel to Copenhagen within the next few weeks which we will hear about next month.


Harold Ralston attended, but not in our picture. He will join wife, Linda in their New Mexico home in the next few weeks.


Jim DeWitt showed this month after missing last month. Welcome back big Jim.


Remember Carmen Stueven Laflin and her remaining chemo treatments. Also, Stan Adams family by sending them a card.


We want to thank Bill Johnson for setting the Holiday Bowl up for us and also for arranging our gathering of mates each month. As you know, Bill and Mike live in Parsons, about an hour and a half away from Augusta. We appreciate both of their dedication and effort in keeping us in contact each month. Thank guys!!!

Thanks to all for attending.


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