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Committe Meeting January 26, 2012

Diane, Jill, Trudy, Mike Howerter and Tom Palmer were in attendance.  Mike Cyphers was absent.

Our main focus at this point is narrowing down the location for the Saturday night banquet dinner.  Several locations have been checked on by Diane and each was discussed by the committee.  We are favoring and checking on "The Red Rooster" Reception Hall just outside of Augusta's city limits to the northeast on east 70th.  This has become a very popular facility in the past two years for events such as ours.  All reports are very positive.  Check out at:  Red Rooster   

Another main topic was deciding to have the tours we have already decided on, but to drop the buses.    These will be by cars.  Bus rentals have increased almost 20% in the past year due to fuel prices.  We believe there will be enough cars furnished to take care of all of you going.  This will keep the costs down for all of us.


The next issue is something we need help with, from all of you!  Duane Harms and I sent out mailers to all of our classmates off our email circuit and have received ONE reply.  As a committee, we are not sure what to do about this problem.  It is rather dissappointing knowing this is the BIG ONE and some of our classmates really don't care?  Make yourself a list of the classmates you were the closest to, and call them.  We will still send them information and hope they reply and come!


The Friday night Tailgate party will be the night we invite other classes to meet and greet with.  We thought before the game while cooking hamburgers and hot dogs might be a great time to socialize and offer them a dog or something .


We will probably add a Saturday afternoon event for all of us and  our families to get together at the Park, or some facility to visit.  This is mainly to accomodate those of you who are just coming for the weekend, rather than starting on Wednesday night with the rest of us. 


With the bus rentals out, the great thing will be no advance money will be asked for.  Just your commitment for coming.   We will all pay as we go.


I will soon add motel and hotel links, but all you need to do is google the subject in the Wichita, Augusta and El Dorado areas and you will get the same results.


That about covers our meeting today.  Please appreciate Mike Howerter's drive from Parsons and Diane's drive from KC area just to ensure that you all have a good 50th reunion.






Reunion Committee Meeting Agenda


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