Augusta High School Class of 1962

60th Reunion Picture  See all the pics from our 60th  65th coming in 2027

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This website contains lots of information and probably whatever you are looking for.  Over the years, I haven't organize titles and subtitles as I probably should have.  Someday when I get time I will try to improve the organization of content. 

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Class of 62 Military Heroes

Our class have many classmates who served in the Viet Nam war in many different branches of the armed services.  We are very proud of all of our Veterans.  We have listed all of our heroes.

Our Deceased Classmates

We have lost quite a few classmates over the years that we remember and recognize.  Go to our list and remember something you shared or remember about each one of them.

Up-to-date news on our Blog

This is the page I keep all classmates up-to-date on everyday happenings and coming events.  Full of articles about classmates.  Help from Diane Wuthrow and Trudy Barnes.  

Grade School Pics

We have about all of our different class pictures through the years from Kindengarten through 12th grade.

Thanks to Mike Cyphers for the Cub Scout Picture

Left to right:  Mike Cyphers, Clayton Capps, Charles Nixon, Bruce Brandt, Bob Kaufman, Tom Hurd and Steve Carson

Happy 2024


Welcome to another year classmates!  We will continue our fun and games into a new year with all of you.  We hope to see you, or at least hear from you, during the year, whether it's just by a response, picture or in person at one of our "Just Lunch" gatherings.  If you plan on a trip to your Hometown, try to arrange it for a second Wednesday of the month.  We would love to see and visit with you during this new year!


I would like to start a Blog series this year on "What it's Like to be 80!  I need your participation and welcome each ones essay on this subject. Tell the readers what all you have seen in the past 80 years.  Trust me, we have seen a lot of changes in our lives.  Now is your chance to tell the family and friends all the stories you have been telling them all these years, while most (if like my) don't listen too well.  On paper maybe these stories will sink in.


I also ask each one of you to update your Bio for our 65th reunion coming in 2027.  Under Contact page above you will find a Bio update.  Just complete and submit.





Project Mail Call
Information about writing a letter to a veteran, in this case, Jim DeWitt
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